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Okay this is strangely specific question is because that's my parents basically and I have to tell them at some point why I got arrested for peacefully protesting.

So I'm just curious how you would go about explaining the Cop City and the stop cop City movement and stuff like that.

Also just for some context that even though they are Trump supporters my mom has been pretty supportive of what I do although she doesn't know about why I do it. She didn't reprimand me for getting arrested. She also says she's pretty chill with gay people now but she still believes that trans people should not be in women's bathrooms or things like that.

She's also okay with harm reduction as well. Yes drug harm reduction. Yes it's confusing.



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Lettuce wrote

Big devilcrat government is making a facility to practice storming people's houses which likely will be used to enforce gun control. I'm protesting the police being trained well into being able to storm people's houses to take their guns