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veuzi wrote

Grift and a scam


hobomobo87 wrote

if it's not a sports coach, then it's a pseudo-therapist with flawed training, if any. it's called "coach" and not "therapist" because to be a therapist, you need a psychology degree and clinical psychology training. to be a life coach, you need nothing. "not medical advice."

i don't like using the authority of academia as an argument, but that's my view of why non-sports "coaches" became a thing in the recent years. shitty, close-minded, conservative therapists still exist.


Hplant wrote

The term itself is a red flag lmao.

Probably there are "life coaches" who aren't grifters, but I bet you have to dig to find them.


SveetPickle wrote

It’s up there with the way we use the word guru, at least in the US anyways.


Zoaph wrote

95 of them are trash, 5 are okish. same goes with therapists.


Fool wrote

Useful for Necromancers only.