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monkeec wrote (edited )

Surface level astrology is pretty weak, like what you see in the paper or with a quick google search of your birthday. But if you do your full chart which involves everything up to the minute that you were born I think it can be a good way of reflection and meditation, but it's not simple. Considering how civilization and understanding started with tens of thousands of years of staring up at the sky and extrapolating meaningful information I would say it has some merit. You should look into the so-called "Occult" if you're interesting in that type of reflection and understanding. But it's not simple or straight forward and is caked with layers and layers of bullshit and deception. Good Luck!! [Edit] We should have a mysticism/Occult/spirituality forum on here.


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monkeec wrote

How is it anti-science? I think you're making a false dichotomy.