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sudo wrote

Sorted from most to least feasible:

Option 1: Acquire a bicycle, and bike the 10 miles (not too difficult if you don't go too quickly).

Option 2: Try to carpool into town with a friend, preferably when they need to go to town.

Option 3: Walk there and back. Hope you have a music player to keep you occupied.

Option 4: Call a taxi (bad), or ride-sharing company (very bad). Use only if you're desperate.

Option 5: Acquire a car/driver's license. But given that you're asking this question, that is probably not an option for you.

Option 6: Move into town, within walking distance of your workplace and a grocery store.


elyersio OP wrote

There are no shoulders on the roads to town.

There are two gravel roads on the way to town.

Which is safer, biking or walking?


Catsforfun wrote

depends on how much traffic there is. If there is less traffic, then bike


hotcool wrote (edited )

I ride my bike or walk to the next town almost daily, and it is about 10 miles. It's my time to listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks, and it keeps me fit. I also feel more connected with nature because I'm not unconsciously whizzing past the world like most drivers do.

You will get tired of the walk for the first few weeks, but your body will adjust. You may even look forward to them like I do.


elyersio OP wrote

How long does it take you?


hotcool wrote

By bike, about 45 minutes or so. Walking takes at least twice as long. Maybe two hours.


Shittles wrote

What do I do?

Umm, you're an Amish prostitute?

You're a racoon?

What do I win if I guess right?

Seriously, what the hell do you want to do? Golden Eagle bike engines are nice:

Or you could fix the No Car No License problem. Or you could convince a living to come to you... see reference to Amish Prostitute. Personally I'd consider the bike idea, with or without engine.