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styrofoam wrote

  • If you can find a way for me to stay focused while reading, I'll do it.

  • For me, it is necessary. As I mentioned before, I listen to most of these while multitasking, so for me it's an additional use of my time. Checking for bias and deception is also necessary while researching and consuming written materials.

  • You can say the same about any form of media, right? Research is also produced by other people. There is no way to escape external bias.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

It doesn't really matter how you learn things, so long as you are learning them. Me, I have a tricky time with really long videos, but YouTube videos are short and they have visuals to go with it and aren't just a droning audio. I can't get into most podcasts because I have a hard time listening and holding onto information without some form of visual reinforcement.


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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Not everyone is identical to you. Some people have these things called learning disabilities or in short, fuck off.