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ziq wrote

Lucy Parsons.


sudo wrote

Karl Marx. I'd show him the past 150 years of history, and ask him if he still thinks proletarian revolution is inevitable. That and show him that it was third-world countries, not first-world countries, where revolution is most common.


SpiritOfTito wrote

I mean sure on a long enough time scale. Revolutions are an incredibly common affair.

Egypt has had two in the last decade.

Those two were interesting. The forst was they wanted their corrupt government out but when the only people to rise up with a program and a vision for a country was the Muslim brother hood they were back on the streets inside a few years demanding the army take over the country and imprison the muslims brotherhood.

Imagine if a strong socialist party had been there with a dozen very good orators. The period we've lived in is an anomaly not the status quo.

The US, the biggest anti communist org the world has ever known, being a hyper power since 1991 was never going to last.


LostYonder wrote

Only, the second "revolution" you refer to wasn't a revolution at all. It was a very narrow segment of bourgeois society that rose up against the MB once they were elected to office - many having even voted for them. It was funded and supported by the US, UK, and Saudi Arabia and did not reflect at all the revolutionary spirit of the 2011 Revolution...


SpiritOfTito wrote (edited )

I mean the second revolution was absolutely a revolution.

It was just a bourgeois revolution like the english civil war.

My point was how frequent revolutions happen.


LostYonder wrote

I'm confused on how anyone can consider a US-backed military coup against a democratically elected government a revolution...


mofongo wrote

Ooohhh, you're in for a beat down.

Inevitable is not the same as successful, there were revolutions in Germany, Italy, Spain and others that failed.

During his time, there wasn't a first/third world those divisions we created during the cold war to classify countries according to their alliances with the superpowers.

The most important about a communist revolution is its content. If it result in a capitalist or state capitalist country, it is a failure and like the failed European revolutions above, not worth mentioning.


MrPotatoeHead wrote

Jesus Christ. I want to see what he really did and said, it I can find him.


DeathToAmerica wrote

I'd go with Chris Columbus and I'd serve up a nice lead sandwich. I guess we'd talk about what it feels like to die.


zorblax wrote

Leonhard Euler

What would you ask them?

Honestly I don't know... probably about how he got the idea of putting stuff on the complex plane instead of the real line.


LostYonder wrote

Muhammad ibn Abdullah.

I would ask him about building a stateless society in Medina, his ethics of anarchy, and how such values can be reimagined in our world today.