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Ant wrote (edited )

I would just use "white" as a pejorative in this case, not to indicate their skin colour, but their relative positioning themselves to others. White people are white but it's another thing to be white

it's mostly the 'oonga boonga' part and the language mockery I have a problem with (given how the same sort of language has been used to mock indigenous peoples all over and justify their 'lesser status') - this is the kind of person CasuallyCreative is ambiguously presenting as both their understanding of primitivists and of 'primitives'

Edit: not that I think it's a good idea that a white philosophy like anarcho-primitivism is describing itself in terms of the 'primitive' either


[deleted] wrote (edited by a moderator )


Ant wrote

Similarly, terms like 'backward' are nothing outside of colonialism's justificatory language and shitty teleological west-normativity


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Besides Bigot? I don't know. Bigot seems a fairly accurate term. It works as a shorthand for anyone who can't be bothered to actually read and learn anything about people and culture, yet at the same time, feels a need to endlessly pontificate about people and culture, usually with a lofty air that conveys that we should be grateful that they're taking time out of their busy schedule to educate us plebians.