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zombie_berkman wrote



Tequila_Wolf wrote

Seem about right!

Though there's a lot of contextual and historical stuff that is probably inextricable from leftism that groups like post-left and anti-left anarchists would make up important parts of leftism that we should rid ourselves of.


161 wrote

Not a bad start. But there are also anticapitalist 'far right' movements. The BNP in the UK, for example, is a white supremacist political party running on an anticapitalist platform.


zombie_berkman wrote

not knowing anything about the BNP, that doesnt make any sense. so is it like syndicalism except for jews and gays and blacks?


161 wrote

state ran, not syndicalist. just imagine cuba but more white supremacist. it makes perfect sense from a neo-nazi pov really - capitalism makes it hard to keep a state 'ethnically pure' because people follow capital around the world


MrRobot wrote

I think that a drive towards equality - economic, social, and political - is an important component of leftism. That includes anti-capitalism and anti-racism. I think another important component is the desire to uproot the current system entirely and install a new system based on entirely different values and principles - that's why I don't consider Social Democrats to be true leftists because they want to reform capitalism rather than ultimately replace it.


Random_Revolutionary wrote (edited )

Historically left wing came from opposition of right wing. The french's first parliament saw their royalists politicians decided to gang up and sit to the right. As natural enemies, the progressive and cool guys went as far away as possible, so to the left.

So we could define left as "not the right! ", in present days that would be "anticapitalist", as zombie berkman says, but can change and adapt to the political ecosystem of the time.

...but tbh "the left" is just a spook anyways


hellbender wrote

The difference between left-wing and right-wing is that left-wingers want to make the world a better place, and right-wingers want to make the world a better place for themselves