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I don't know why bit recently I have developed an unusual craving for raw meat , I know your not supposed to eat some meats raw & for some reason those are the meats I crave , it's like I can't control it I try to ignore the craving yet I find myself sneaking it , also I have been having weird dreams I'm in a forest men with hooded robes doing some ritual , this worries me I recently got into some church that is dark could they be why this is happening could they have put a curse on me .



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ikk wrote (edited )

I know your not supposed to eat some meats raw

no youre not supposed to eat any flesh, whether raw or cooked. if youre paying for the body parts of some poor individual who had their throat slit, thats messed up.


__0 wrote (edited )

Possibly a vitamin deficiency? Some Raw meat sometimes has a bit of a mineral type taste to it, you’re craving something that has a pretty similar nutritional make up to your own body, there might be something missing from your diet, or maybe theres something that you are eating that is effecting how much nutrients your body is absorbing. If you’ve been ill recently, or drinking, or had a change in medication or anything etc it would be good to think about if anything in your body has felt different. Ive had cravings for fermented foods, and foods with strong mineral tastes in the past. Idk just try to trust your body.

just out of curiosity have you ever tried liver? I accidentally ordered a liver and vegetable stew from Pilipino restaurant once because I didn’t know what the meal was, I actually liked it and ended up ordering it again a few months later because its one of the few things I’ve had from a restaurant that reminds me of my moms cooking.