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ziq wrote

I thank trees when I pick their fruit.


fortmis wrote

The chef, even if it's me. >:)
Once, my dad was asked by his Catholic mom to give a blessing at dinner and he gave thanks to the animals for their sacrificed lives.... Caused quite the stir lol needless to say don't think she ever asked him to give grace again


existential1 OP wrote

I did this exact thing once with my southern family. Never asked again.


veuzi wrote

I say to my mom "thanks for the food" after I'm done eating.

When I make my dinner myself, I'm too busy recovering from the extra portions I tend to make. At that point I'm thanking my body for doing the work of processing the nutrients. And when I inevitably shit it out a day later I thank my body for giving a fair warning via increasingly suspicious farts.


kano wrote (edited )

If I cooked myself I don't thank anyone. If I cooked with someone I thank them for helping me. And I always thank the chef sometimes multiple times.

Sometimes I thank the dumpster when i see all the awesome shit we get.

But I don't want to equate it to praying it's social nicesness or politness and saying what's true that I'm thankful for the effort to feed me.


zkLY8xTQ wrote

Yea, but not to anyonething specifically, I’m just thankful and trying not to take shit for granted


dazachknow wrote

I always thank the people who made the food, or at least who cooked it, and I say a prayer because I'm a good Christian boy


SveetPickle wrote

The one time I was asked to lead a prayer as a child(Pentecostal church) I got in trouble cause I was shy and didn’t want to. So me and deities don’t have a great relationship generally. I never considered thanking myself for my cooking though.