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NoPoint wrote

Is the context local to you? What are the tanks saying?

You could just outline the gravity of what Russia has done to harm Ukrainian people, e.g.

  • their actions at Chernobyl that disrupted the irradiated soil
  • their use of the ZNPP as a weapon storage depot
  • transferring children into russian territory and keeping children from their parents
  • the constant barrage of kamikaze drones and cruise missiles aimed at Ukrainian civilian infrastructure, including electricity used for heating during winter, children's hospitals, apartment buildings, et cetera
  • the blockage of Ukrainian ports, preventing the distribution of wheat and other crops through the Black and Mediterranean seas to the middle east and Africa

Lettuce wrote

I mean if u going in this direction u might as well talk Abt how Russian soldiers like to post live leak videos of them raping civilians and torturing POWs.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Thanks, this is useful, but I'd also want generally credible links to go with these points.


uanon wrote (edited )

There're plenty of those (some of which you pinned in /f/ukraine), but do you mean criticizing the narratives regarding Russian-Ukrainian war, or maybe just their ideology overall, or what? I think it's hard to put everything into just one text. Alexander Reid Ross and Emmi Bevensee had some good pieces, among other authors.


kano wrote

I would be happy if you have any links to share about this especially if they're not in the pinned post in /f/ukraine


TwentyFiveCharsOrLess wrote

You actually bother with the red fash?


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

I typically don't bother with anybody who doesn't want to change. But when there are other people in the room who will get something out of listening, I think it's worthwhile to articulate things well.

Also I find it valuable in general to be able to articulate things well. I want my own reasons for what I do to be good.


divgradcurl wrote

Don’t bother with text, they’re not discussing this in good faith. It’s just like the holodomor.

Binary thinking at play with the tankies, “America bad, and Russia opposes America thus Russia good!”” It’s foolish nonsense from inadequate thinkers.