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GrimWillow wrote (edited )

I honestly think there is already gun control in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to PoC with guns. The conversation about gun control to me has more to do with putting similar scrutiny on white males, but I don't trust the capitalist system to even do that right. I'm sure it will be just like the war on drugs.

I think a good example of why gun control won't stop violence/bigotry/racism/sexism is to look at the prisons. There is technically "gun control" in effect there, and the prisons are effectively structured to facillitate embedded racism and social hierarchy while yeilding lots of cheap workers who can't stand up for themselves.

Ultimately, the capitalists are just outright helping the fascists fight Anarchists, and we can't trust them to help us here. The only solution I see is to arm ourselves while we still can.

The only action I want the state to take is dismantling itself and lending its remaining resources to a horizontally organized system that prevents the rise of any fascist/capitalist/monarchist. Anything else misses my demand.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote (edited )

That's about the size of it. Remember Philando Castile? By all accounts, he was a fine upstanding citizen, respected by everyone in the community. He had a concealed carry permit for a gun he kept in his glove compartment. When pulled over by the cops, he cooperated fully with the authorities, even as they grew more and more aggressive. Cops shot and killed him anyway.

You'd think this is the kind of case the NRA would be all over, an innocent, law-abiding citizen gunned down for exercising his second amendment rights, but the NRA were rather silent on that. It was the Left (aka the side that tends to be more in favor of gun control) that spoke up against this monstrosity.

But I'm sure the NRA's silence on the matter has nothing to do with Philando Castile being Black. It's not like when the Black Panthers were active and encouraging Blacks to arm themselves, the NRA and the Right were suddenly in favor of gun control. Oh wait, they totally were.

Trevor Noah has done so many great videos about how fucked up this case is, but I'll just post just one:

The part that stays with me the most is how his girlfriend manages to stay calm, despite the fact she just saw some armed maniacs kill her boyfriend for no real reason, and you know she's only keeping it together because if she doesn't, they'd kill her too. And their bullets came damn near close to hitting his four-year-old daughter in the backseat.

But I don't think things would have ended well if Philando Castile shot the cops than tried to explain how they were getting all aggressive and he was afraid for his life, even though as the footage shows, he could make more of a case for his claim than they could.


Tux18 wrote

I feel very conflicted about gun control. On one hand I feel an armed working class is necessary. On the other hand after all of these recent shootings I also feel that some kind of gun control is necessary.


DissidentRage wrote (edited )

I think within the currently existing framework it at least seems like it'd be reasonable to attach a psychological evaluation to whether or not someone is able to purchase a gun. If you seem like you're going to go out of your way to harm people for the sake of it, or if you demonstrate that you have an abusive and violent personality, you probably should not have one. But I also don't trust that within the current system it won't be mismanaged and misused to bar people from getting weapons because, for instance, you don't like some involuntary characteristic about the person.

At the same time I think the question of gun control is largely a distraction to take away attention from the underlying problems that contribute to it. A good chunk of gun violence results from crimes like burglary where people commit to these actions in order to secure better odds of survival because of a lack of opportunity, another chunk as we're seeing now occurs because people who need some kind of psychiatric care lack the means to get it and so lash out to get attention, and then you have the special cases of white supremacists and fascists resulting from decades of propaganda and racism both propagated at the systemic and cultural level.

These murder sprees are horrible and a tragedy but it's par for the course in a system that thrives on alienating its population.


Cosmicsloth42 wrote

Against it, not for any reason about rising up against the government or anything (I'm a pacifist) but for a couple of reasons.

1, Guns are fun and in the hands of a person educated on gun safety they are just tools.

2, I live out in the middle on nowhere, and while I am a pacifist many people are not. Living in Meth (and Bear) country I could totally understand if some people wanted a little safety for them and their kids.

3, The issue of gun control shifts the argument from the real issue in this country. Mental Illness. I mean, you have to have some serious issues to want to kill a large group of people for no reason, and then to go out and do it! Mental Illness is our cigarettes and mass shootings are our cancer. We need to treat the source.

4, This dosne't really have to do with gun control but, more people should become educated on at least the basics of guns. The amount of people who thinks the AR in AR-15 stands for Assault Rife is embarrassing. Guns are a tool that make our modern way of life possible. The more people who know how to responsibly use them the better.

I understand not everyone may agree with me but thats okay, I just think more people should have an open mind when it comes to these things.


libre_dev wrote

Owning guns in my country is a huge hassle, so no. I do have an interest in guns, their history and mechanics however, which is very unusual where I live.

The upshot of having strict gun laws is our nazis are at least not marching with them in the street. But they most definitely have guns stashed away.

There's also almost no gun deaths, especially suicides.

I would probably own guns if I could be arsed, but I see greater value in getting an explosives license.


hellbender wrote (edited )

I don't own a gun. I intentionally live in a slightly rural area not far from a larger urban area and am in demographically well-off surroundings, and also am perceptive enough of threats (famous last words) that I feel safe. If things were different, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one and practice using it.

The American founding fathers clearly were concerned about the ability of government to become tyrannical which is the underlying basis for gun ownership here. And obviously this has been hijacked by the NRA and right-wing ideologies and is being used to rally support from a significant fraction of our society. But the idea that an armed militia could succeed here has become complete folly. Any government sufficiently tyrannical, as ours is steadily becoming, can and already has completely quashed any capability of a mass uprising by citizens. Which can be clearly seen by the increasing use of military-grade weapons and vehicles and tactics used by our police forces.

The second amendment is, in a word, shot. Honestly, the thinking behind it was extremely short-sighted, and could easily have been improved by also limiting the use and types of weapons by government against its own citizens. The only hope for addressing or stopping tyranny here now would be intervention by a sympathetic and balanced military. We have some good people in our military, and now that Cheney and Rumsfeld are bygones, there is some hope that could happen.


161 wrote

If I was in the US no doubt I'd own a gun, but nothing a child could operate (so no handguns) and not a weapon of mass destruction (so no assault rifles)


sudo wrote

Assault rifles are not weapons of mass destruction.


Tux18 wrote

What about guns like the AR-15 which aren't assault rifles, but can be modified to effectively function like one?


161 wrote

Nope. I mean, I don't know much about guns, tbh. But there's no reason anyone needs to have an assault rifle, any more than they need to have a suicide vest or a nail bomb


[deleted] wrote (edited by a moderator )