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kano wrote

You live in the city? I know in the USA there's not so much anarchist infrastructure, but you could try to find out if there's a mutual aid group or some food not bombs or smthg like this going on your area.

I know it's definitely not easy to meet people but at the end of the day just putting myself out there has worked for me, eventually. Going to the bar and talking to people, going to the park and seeing if people wanna smoke together, you like riding bikes right? You should see if there's a critical mass in your town, normally it's the first Friday evening of each month in my experience.

When I change cities or countries I ask my whole network of friends or acquaintances if they know ppl kn the new area, maybe this could also work for you.

Have also met worthwhile people through my work as wells tbh, but I highly don't recommend having only friends from work.

If you live w cool people you could ask to hang with them and their friends too.

When I first came to Germany I met some nice people through dating apps too, might work for you might not DK.

If I think of more I'll edit.


asdfghjklpoiuytrewq OP wrote

I think there’s a local anarchist collective in my community but I haven’t heard anything about them since like 2014. Like the last day I heard about any organizing going on in my area was when I was a junior in high school and couple anarchist decided to spread some zines at the store that I worked in. But at the time I was still at bootlicker, so I never really learned anything about them and yeah, they seem to have disappeared. pain of living in the suburbs. If I hadn’t just started the new job, I consider moving into a more urban area but frankly next move I makes probably gonna be out into the woods.


kano wrote

Maybe you can see if they had an address online or something and go there. Hella anarchist inu experience are very bad at maintaining a presence online, but it doesn't mean they're not still active.

Ah so you're in the suburbs? Hard times, but still maybe in your local city there is stuff going on.