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Tequila_Wolf wrote


161 wrote

boycotting google and apple would be very hard since they monopolised mobile phones. intel would also be very hard if you wanted to use a computer. outside of tech, things are easier


Tux18 wrote

If your in an American public school Google is unavoidable. We use Google Drive and related services all the time for schoolwork.

We're also stuck with proprietary browsers and search engines without the use of a VPN.


161 wrote


microsoft would also be very hard to avoid


Tux18 wrote

If only FO4 worked on Linux...


tnstaec wrote

I was also thinking Google. Blocking Google APIs will cause numerous websites to break.


lambda wrote

Most pharmaceutical companies and other abusers of imaginary property laws (IP laws). They gain a government-sanctioned monopoly on something, and in the case of pharmaceuticals, this can often be life-saving medicines or treatments in general.


zombie_berkman wrote

an ISP would be really hard. cysco foods if you eat out would also be really hard. companies like 3m and honeywell that make all sorts of weird shit would also be really hard


Garbo wrote

Most internet providing companies, even more so since they can have a monopoly of a single area.


mofongo wrote

Coca cola and Nestle, it's amazing how many subsidiaries they own.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Fucking Walmart. Given where I live and my income bracket, I'm pretty much fucked. But then again, given how massive and interwoven most corporations are, I'm not sure if there's any way of escaping them. Heck, I'm not even sure how much conflict there is between them. It all may just be a form of roleplay to sucker people.


sudo wrote

Any company that is a monopoly for your area is very hard to boycott. If you don't want to boycott any company in particular, but rather an entire industry, then grocery stores, utility companies, clothing stores, and real estate companies would be the most difficult to boycott, since they supply basic human needs.


161 wrote

groceries can be taken from skips, clothing can be shoplifted, real estate can be squatted, utilities can be siphoned off... it's a hard way of living, but not impossible.


Tux18 wrote

Eventually GMO companies like Monsanto could very well become unavoidable thanks to gene transfer between plants.