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I am reading carbon democracy by Timothy Mitchel which does a good job of making some of these connections but not sure if there’s other people who address it more directly

Particularly unions/Labour movements in England but I am open to wherever



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kano wrote

Not sure about in England but from what I remember this is kind of relevant, but is about solidarity across ethnic or racial lines

Anarchism and syndicalism in an African port city

Think I also might have come across this in the USA will update if I remember


kano wrote (edited )

Hey I came across another reference to this stuff in the US American context. You can research the Knights of labour seeking expulsion of Chinese labourers or the AFL CIO and their opposition to undocumented workers. Think you can find some stuff on this in this article called Whiteness as Property

Here's even more: Another article about white labour movement agitation against Chinese workers in the USA. This book called: Endangered dreams : the Great Depression in California is probably also relevant. I haven't read any of this but from what Harsha Walia cites from them, maybe it's helpful for you.

Edit: came across the above in Harsha Walia's Border and Rule