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GrimWillow wrote

Natural disaster's increase, conspiracy abound claiming it's created by powerful entities. Neo-liberal capitalists attempt to garner support, using the completely controlled commercial internet (decentralized net tech has been phased out of production and made illegal, to fight "fake news" of course), and claim to be the only force to stop the anti-capitalist fascists from taking over, as the anti-capitalist fascist's take a page out of 1984 to claim that they are finally destroying the capitalists and need all the people to stand with them or be purged as well.

Anarchists have created autonomous zones and have been more successful as people wake up to the realization that they can't trust any vertical organizing. I imagine this fight would be similar to how the FLOSS movement has been against the corporations (but with more combat robotics). After weathering the storm of capitalists and capitalist supported fascists, the Anarchists have become the only viable 3rd option for many who don't trust either the capitalists or the fascists. After many fascist groups imploded under the corruption of everyone wanting to be "on top" and the capitalists have been long understood to be devils, people are pushed to defend and hide in the Anarchist zones, and if they didn't know Anarchism before, they learn it there.

The battle is a bloody one, as liberation always has been, and eventually the struggle for horizontal organizing becomes strained by the degradation of the habitat and takes many losses on all sides.

The capitalist supported fascists are forced to use the tools and ideas of the Anarchists to survive, and the capitalists provide them even more tools as they continue claiming to be the only "heroes" to stand against Anarchists and anti-capitalist fascists.


elyersio wrote

This sounds scary. How can I help to stop the desicration of decentralization?