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I’d like to hear opinions on whether it’s better to always be honest or is it sometimes better to straight up lie? This is for people in your circle, towards strangers it’s obviously sometimes better to just make stuff up.

Reason I’m asking is that the truth hurts sometimes.

My take is, as long as I don’t use any insulting words or unnecessary harsh language it’s not my fault if what I’m saying is hurtful to other people, provided it’s the truth. Telling the truth is always the best option in the long run.

Option C is sometimes to not bring up the matter of concern at all, bad solution as well?

What are your experiences in life so far regarding this, and/or am I wrong with my opinion?



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ziq wrote

You have to lie to protect yourself in an authoritarian world.


sweetiebot wrote

the truth hurts; lies more so.
option c is valid especially when confronted by authority.


lentils wrote

I think everyone here would agree that it isn't in the face of authority, but assuming we're just talking about interpersonal relationships here there are a lot of cases where I like honesty. For instance if they cross my boundaries I want to be able to tell them and would want them to tell me if I was crossing theirs instead of just saying things are fine to be polite, although to me that's easier said than done sometimes.

But there are also cases where I find lying is a much better option, especially with family but sometimes with friends too, like when being honest would mean sharing views that would be problematic to the people I'm speaking to as Idrk a lot of like-minded people irl, so even for people in my circle I don't think honesty is always a good idea.


Fool wrote

It depends if you value the relationship.

Truth is good for trusting relationships.


rattledlove1139 wrote

depend on people becayse lots people in my "circle" right now hate me and do not want my rights so… lie lie lie. But i want and work toward live with friends can be honest around because really i would prefer that