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GoddamnedVoodooMagic wrote

It's absolutely a great thing, I support it 100%. And will likely be more embraced when capitalism (which is pro-natalist to the core) runs its course, as well as being perpetuated by young folks, women, and queer people who are trying to liberate themselves, since patriarchy forces child-bearing/child-rearing upon everybody (can't keep up a nation's strength if more workers and soldiers aren't being pumped out like clockwork). Hell, I'd say pro-natalism is a core tenent of fascism, since it views people as nothing more but property that must create more property (in this case, being children). Then, of course, we get into the ecological problems of natalism, such as the inevitably razing and destroying of lands and species, ravaging the Earth, overpopulation, ramped-up consumption, which causes states and economies to grow, or want to grow, leading to imperialism, etc.