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cyberrose wrote

For some anthropocentrism would get a hit. For others almost nothing?

And if this would be the case: You wouldn't need et-life for that. Realizing the connectedness between different kinds of organisms and also matter would also lead to that.

Another Point: Maybe it would question hierarchy if we would have some future-scifi-machines which make it obvious that material needs are fulfilled and everything else is man made and hierarchical. (But again; the same thing is also true currently but not that obvious) So this point is rather daydreaming and putting hope in some miracles.

For me personally I guess nothing would change but I would be curious if the world starts falling apart. (But that's also currently the case; and I'm disappointed so far)


monday OP wrote

I think that we can use the example of native cultures invaded by Europeans, but I don't know many cultures to draw a conclusion here. And our societiea are very different from those in first contact with a colonizer invader.

Sure we would be colonized somehow, even if at subliminal levels and I guess for the average human there won't be a change over night.

And we can be so different that is like trying to teach funguses to be anarchists when they are much more cooler than anarchists will ever be.