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Has anyone ever encountered clubs that sound like they're not really anything exciting upon first glance but the more you talk and speak with members of that club, the more you realize that they're the ride or die type of individuals willing to down a 40 and join a railroad strike?

Like the club name could be for example, "The Taylor Swift Fan Club" or "Funny Hat Group Inc."

Where like 3/4 of the meetings talk about Taylor Swift's album from 2008 for example, but then 1/4 of those meetings later end up talking about protest plans and organization efforts against the Amazon factory of your local town?



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stagn wrote

I strugle to find Anarchist Clubs that Are Actually Anarchist


SnowCode wrote

I think "anarchist" is just a buzz word for many.


MHC wrote

What do you mean by "down a 40"?


x4bird99A OP wrote

40 ABV (Alcohol by volume) or 80 proof in the U.S. So like vodka or gin for example.