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Do you think it is worth it to upload anarchist content to right wing video platforms? Do you think this could bring some people over?



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No, not at all. Total waste of energy.


Majrelende wrote (edited )

Not at all.

I do have a speculation: maybe it would have to affirm their beliefs in incrementally shifting ways. Say they're white supremacists, then keep posting things in a positive light about traditions that might push their comfort a little, like borderline "white" people that maybe aren't on their radar. Surprising things, like ancient European society and permaculture systems, that could lead into parallels between ancient Europeans and other indigenous traditions, slowly bending and breaking their sense of superiority. Then maybe they would start getting a little into indignation about how these fine traditions were ploughed over by "impure influences" or other such BS. Then to take the momentum of this indignation and dig deeper a little bit, then a little more. I'm sure they would still need a foreigner scapegoat, emphasising the indigenous European ancestry, then keep laying a little bit of information, a little more at a time. Begin parallels with the subjugation of other indigenous peoples, not their main scapegoats but people they haven't heard enough about maybe to have feelings against. Slowly, gradually, never against the grain, but never with it either. Not asking questions, just bending the rules until they bend the other direction. Eventually if this isn't just a fancy of mine, then they should be talking about the "savage" statist conquerors lording over the "civilised" anarchist societies. It'll be ridiculous, but what could one expect?

I don't think it is worth the effort though. It would be demoralising and laborious to go through and measure the bigots' reactions to the information.


LucidDreaming OP wrote

Thank you for all of the responses. I have decided I will only spread content here.



Thank you. I think what is way more giving is “spreading anarchy” in your local environment; bigger chance that your neighbours will be sympathetic to your cause than a handful of nazis in their own echo chamber.



A concentrated and coordinated trolling action would be praxis but that’s another subject…


rattledlove1139 wrote

Almost definitely no i think
"Good" case get attacked and shut down... if people so far in that join specific right wing platforms then need lots more to make change and at that point probably would not happen because so surround and trench

talk about environment lead people like that down to "disabled people should die" and economy "poor people should starve" and police "black people should obey" and so on so on. They think all justify already. Maybe someone not yet decide what feel could benefit but those people almost for sure not even there they would still be "neutral" places


mjem wrote (edited )

To me, optimism of "propaganda of the deed" deludes and exhausts.



Depends on the deed, I suppose…

Bombing fash as opposed to food not bombs…


MHC wrote

You need to start with where the recipient is at. Try the least right wing stuff that they currently accept.