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i know the Anarchy 101 pages here and also simple English wikipedia, but I have soem trouble with many of the pages still and SE wikipedia is kind of garbage for a lot of things... just look at this single sentence page for mutualism... There is big shelf of links on anarchism topics if you look on the Anarchy page but most of them are red. no one fills them in

so I want to know if there is much resource in simple language people here know. I think baseline for accessible simple language is roughly 5th grade reading level and i would say that is mine on average.
It doesn't mean less information or treating like can not understand concepts, just that need shorter simpler language to convey, or relate through direct stories and comparisons more than theory. For all i try i just can not understand things about different economic systems for example, or even know how to explain some of my own views. i don't care about "win" arguments I just want to be able point to something and say "Like that" and better follow along with others.

thank you :)



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subrosa wrote

If I come across anything good I will link it here. For now, I'm thinking: maybe your questions are better answered in conversation?

Also, it's always cool to remain an anarchist "without economic label attached." ;)


rattledlove1139 OP wrote

Thank you lots, and i guess so but just i have had hard time finding anyone who would explain things. for people who say they're anti ableism some can be very very rude if need any help at all

True i just think money is weird and don't understand why or how even it exists and there's lots of changes I wish i could magically make happen but one is no more money


subrosa wrote

Don't hold back on any questions that come up. Post them here, or on f/Anarchism. Money is probably not a topic any of us are great at, but we can try anyway.