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I mean the godaddy& company who registered to ICANN which is located in US and contracts with government very weird, and I am very worried about what could this mean Am i worrying too much? is there any other alternative internet?



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No, not really, but check out HAM radio


Bird wrote

Unfortunately the internet how people have come to expect it requires so much interconnection and compatibility that centralization becomes seemingly inevitable. And at the scale, and global importance that the internet is, it's much easier to have a single large primary organization to manage it rather than have everyone fight over standards, and at that point why not base it in one of the most economically powerful countries. Is this at times a problem? Yes, things like piracy sites and the like are frequently delisted. Currently there aren't really any "real" internet alternatives and what ones that kinda exist are mostly hosted by other governments so ultimately aren't any better. Could you bring back things like the BBS's of yore or have some digital mode ham communications that aren't under any sort of worldwide central oversight? Sure but the problem is that if you want lots of computers to connect to it to contribute and it have any semblance of speed you need large networking machinery to route it and then you are back to centralization that if big enough an agency of some flavor will want to come and legislate. Ultimately (in my narrow opinion) without a revolution in how communication is performed there isn't much you can do against how things are and most of the time as uneasy as it can make you feel it generally isn't a problem. Though if you want only small groups, especially in a specific locality, such a thing is much more achievable.

Sorry if this doesn't help clear things up at all, I have a bad habit of only commenting on things while extremely sleep deprived



Fool wrote

I think there are versions in PR China, DPR Korea, and Iran, amongst alternatives.


Internet spawned from US Military Research so it's not really that weird that ICANN is affiliated with US Government.

Internet not affiliated with ICANN is the publically reachable parts of what is called the Deep Web.

TOR and similar networks use alternatives to ICANN. However TOR is strongly affiliated with US Military (it was developed by US Navy and made public so they could hide behind public end nodes.)

It's technically possible to start an alternative DNS root, but it would need to reach some sort of critical mass for any OS to include it by default, and as such only useful for people interested enough to go searching beyond the default available.



Ok. This question sparked my curiosity. Decentralised internet is maturing: IPFS works quite well and is an alternative internet protocol, and quite uncensorable. Most browsers don’t support it yet (only as plug-ins) but I’m sure they will eventually…

Also Secure Scuttlebutt is interesting too. I’m using the Manyverse software, but you won’t find me until you get into my wifi-range.