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rattledlove1139 wrote

Is there definition somewhere? sorry i could not find.


d4rk OP wrote

sorry, here, this practice was once common to all Austronesian people groups but now is only practiced by a few highland tribes in my country and in Cambodia.


rattledlove1139 wrote

Oh i see
I guess i don't know if the answer is yes or no it should happen, i really do not know how to think and decide exactly what should happen in any situation, but
Somewhere safe to invite someone and talk and maybe get sexual (especially away from main home) sounds like really something good. For people to learn that so important respect each other and boundaries and have control in interaction, i like that alot. I did not get enough education and i really could have got hurt for that, I feel lucky.
Education can happen without experience, but later having experiences important too for lots of people. if everyone involved understands and wants and can say no or stop any time, I do not know if really any problem but maybe i am wrong misunderstanding
so probably not looking exactly like that but safe sexual spaces would be nice. And more education on respect and consent and sexuality, for all of special ed people too NOT just mainstream people


tuesday wrote

i hate how the article positions this explicitly as "oddly advanced" without a hint of irony when really it's American culture which is an oddly old fashioned, some would say puritanical, attitude.

i have other thoughts but i want to chew on them for a bit.


EndAllHierarchy wrote (edited )

I certainly see no contradictions with anarchism in the Kreung people, they have eliminated rape and empowered young women and practice free love. Just another great example of the indigenous knowing how to live more morally and happily then our horrid nations.


Catsforfun wrote

sex work would not exist in societies where everyone has access to having their material needs met. If it did exist, it would not be sex work in the capitalist sense of "work" because it would not be required to to have shelter and a full belly. Every person has different standard for the situations in which they would like to consent to sex, and those variations between people would still exist. Some people only want to have sex in a closed relationship, other people like pity sex or might have no qualms exchanging sex for a fancy object.