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Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

In the library chat and between librarians there's regular conversation about what should or shouldn't be on the library. It's mostly an open conversation with precedents based on librarians having curated the space for years. You can join the IRC and follow some of the chats.

It's common for people to submit work and for it to be rejected, for example, because there's a requirement that it's published somewhere else and not just something somebody thought up and posted like the library is their personal blog. But I also know people who have gotten their work on there and who arranged to remove their work from there, for multiple reasons.

Just imagine a small collective of librarians with various anarchist politics doing what they can to maintain and curate the biggest anarchist library in history, usually as just one part of multiple anarchist projects they participate in.

I haven't been following this latest controversy thing because it seems uninteresting. Does someone have a TLDR?


fortmis OP wrote

Im not even sure the details myself. Maybe I'm blowing things out of proportion, having read a few brief comments here and there about people calling for the removal of certain texts. Which worries me. I think revelations about authors' backgrounds should lead to MORE texts in the library, not fewer.