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I do because i have problems to regulate input and movement so holding one helps me not "act out" as people say. It's not really act out i just can not always help what my hands and arms want to do So stuffed animals help me not do things like that.
Frustrating because I think sometimes it makes people think i keep them because "mentally a kid" but I would rather hold one in public than hit someone because my hands wanted to. Also they're cute and I like them

edit now: I like all your answers :)



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idkalice wrote

ive slept with the same stuffed bear for the past 17 years


rattledlove1139 OP wrote

Same same still always keep childhood bear in bed beside me!! I miss time when we were the same size


asterism wrote

I dont have one but I think I would like one I basically am hugging a pillow to sleep.


veuzi wrote

The only stuffed animal I have left is a small penguin. Gift from an old friend. He sits on top of my computer.


mima wrote

Does my Turtwig plushie count


Fool wrote

I like animals stuffed with organic matter, allowing them to live.



rattledlove1139 OP wrote

I like alive animals too i have fun watching birds and bugs and squirrels but what about toys


Fool wrote

Okay... I'll answer properly.

I have a very large number of soft toys, partly because I have young kids, but most are older than the kids.

I don't seem to have the soft toys I owned as a kid but some of them I'd have had for over 15 years.

Favourite would probably be a Studio Ghibli Soot Sprite.

Most comfortable would be a large SquishMellow because they're memory foam or something similar.

I fondly remember a friend in highschool had a monkey that they added button holes to, in order to attach to their jacket and wore it most days.


monday wrote

I think I used to do this with a hoodie I kept wearing in my shoulders, but it was an unconscious act, and maybe helped me to hidden beneath it. I had one friend calling me "charlie brown" even if the blanket kid was Linus not Charlie.


thecolective wrote

We love stuffed animals too! We also like stuffing animals ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)