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I was remembering the white wolf game Werewolf the Apocalypse that contains some nods to anticiv aesthetic in a shallow way, and related to the obvious fact that the werewolf is a queer figure It began to make sense that some use lycanthropy as a totem to a misanthropic anticiv tendency.

I have a very faint recollection of this imagery being used in anarchist texts but I could be wrong. The only meaningful @library reference is a couple of Landstreicher's writings, not exactly discussing this theme.

Anyway you can just tell me to fuck off



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Fool wrote

Okay, Fuck off!

Let me know if you want me to do anything else, I aim to please.

I can't remember reading anything relating wolves to Anarchy beyond Wolfi's name.


kin OP wrote

The problem in taking too many drugs is have recollections of future events and/or fabricated realities, it's hard to telling them apart.

It was related to a personal experience anyway, but I was so sure about this one


kin OP wrote

For future reference. Many of the references I saw was indeed linked to neofash and Nazi macho dudes like Paul Waggener and Jack Donovan (who is gay but rejects the label), or we can remember the Radio Werewolf as a nazi-satanist project that would remind the recent o9a - ITS connection.

There's this strain of primitivism/ecoextremism that is linked to this traditionalist fascist camp, maybe that's why so many leftists and anarchists perceive anticiv and primitivism as a cryptoFash movement. It's something that I can use even to a Jungian Shadow work and I guess this post is somewhat an attempt to get more inputs to a very personal view I hold and that refuse to be hijacked by everything we fight against.