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For those in the know, I have been diagnosed twice with Conduct Disorder as a teen and having never received therapy about it, I may have lapsed into Antisocial Personality Disorder(ASPD) or the more colloquial (outdated) psychopathy or sociopath which is part of the Cluster B line of personality disorders. I would wonder how Anarchists individually and/or communally would respond to a person who got diagnosed with it considering our long history.



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Tequila_Wolf wrote

None of these disorders are separable from capitalism, both in the way that capitalism creates the behaviours and personalities, but also in the way that capitalism pathologises them.

Conduct Disorder is paradigmatic of a bullshit invention for the purpose of repressing youth with problems with authority.

A hypothetical anarchist society would rid itself of the medical model and the concept of disorder. If you are talking about how anarchists or groups of anarchists would deal with these people today, that would depend entirely on context, but overall we could say that we would deal with them anarchistically. It might be useful for you to give more specific examples, because something this general is beyond my capacity to engage.