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__0 wrote


There are going to be more hoaxes created using AI than you can count on two hands,

theres going to be an illness that will give a lot of people long term symptoms and will affect young children, but people wont really care.

There will be a few different social media startups that will start that although not popular now will unsettle fb insta etc from their position in 3yrs …

Online advertising will decrease in value.

Elon musk will release a device similar to the peek, a twitter only device and it will flop, several months later twitter will file for bankruptcy.

There will be a major leftist movement that will be a honeypot, a ton of influencers and teens will be arrested… there will be lots of abuse scandals and people will feel like having nothing to do with political movements.

There will be a major standoff between the police and protesters in the states, several people will die.

Eating in public will become illegal in some parts of the states.


ArmyOfNone wrote (edited )

There will be a major leftist movement that will be a honeypot, a ton of influencers and teens will be arrested… there will be lots of abuse scandals and people will feel like having nothing to do with political movements.

lol, why does it read like all too familiar to me? I dunno, too lazy to think...


Majrelende wrote

I predict drought, fire, flood, new COVID variants, high food prices, for a global scale. Nothing out of the usual.

More happily, I predict I will plant numerous trees, and that I can use my knowledge from mistakes last year to improve in growing the aforementioned trees, and medicinal herbs.


zkLY8xTQ wrote

lol what mistakes were made?


Majrelende wrote

Direct sowing during heat and drought. When the rains came they only served to kill the seeds.

Underestimating the amount of root space that certain species need--many times the weeds were very strong and the plants grew up stunted. The same occurred with some fruit tree seedlings-- they grew a very small amount, and I'm not sure whether most of them survived the winter. The same happened with acorns, which over time were strangled out by a certain very aggressive ruderal herbaceous species who prefers to take most of the water and leave the soil parched.


Basil wrote

Climate change will be solved, inequality will be eliminated, peace will prevail, racism will go away, capitalism will be abolished

Hell even if we get one of the five I ain't complaining


stagn wrote

food crisis that finally stops affecting only Africa and is beginning to affect Europe as well


ChaosAnarchy wrote

Actually a major human life changing event will happen in 2023, leading to desperate spontaneous insurrection


Bird wrote

In no particular order, of completely different scales, mixed positiveness, and random likelinesses.

My banana tree should fruit since it'll be the right age for it, excited for that.

I'll probably move somewhere in the middle of nowhere again and disappear from raddle for 6-14 months like I tend to do.

The climate will no doubt continue to degrade unfortunately. And most countries will continue to super duper promise they'll do better while only making token gestures and not holding corporations responsible at all.

There will likely be several instances of severe far right violence across the Americas and Europe

I'll probably have a method of long distance transportation again at some point.

We'll probably find out something else common to modern lifestyles is causing horrible health problems

Bacteriophage trails will hopefully be successful and help fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria

A few new bird species will be discovered

Progress for fusion power will be delayed yet more

I'll plant about 30 to 40 new trees of various flavors, many of them fruiting trees

The support holding the back of the house I'm in up will unceremoniously break and half the building will fall off

I might actually finish a few of my projects instead of just starting new ones

Grow lots of fruit and vegetables, if all goes well and nothing unexpected happens in my life like 40+ kilos potentially

Wild fires in fun new places

Fix my very broken telescope and get some nice planetary views

More covid, and less restrictions to prevent it. Heck maybe a new disease to worry about will crop up.

My local town doing some small rewilding projects



JackBinimbul wrote

More insane right-wing terrorist attacks. Particularly targeting trans people and energy infrastructure.


LucidDreaming wrote

I was thinking that, the worst lone wolf attacks in the US against black people, latinos and Jews have all happened in the last 4 years. It is scary


tuesday wrote

Some kind of bullshit is going to happen. And then some fuck shit to round it out.


asterism wrote

I will poop at least once.


Majrelende wrote

Who downvoted this? It's accurate enough.


256 wrote

The sewage plant worker.


Majrelende wrote (edited )

I didn't think of that, but now I am.

🌾🌳💩🌳 🌾


roanoke9 wrote (edited )

He never divulged where he would deposit the poop. Sewage worker is making baseless assumptions.


GimmeEstrogen wrote

People of color will be gunned down in the streets.


Ormuz wrote

  • mass protests in the uk against the rising cost of living, that may evolve into riots.

  • my cat will get lots of kisses :)

  • musk will step down as ceo of twitter and his fanboys will go mental

  • adding onto the last one, twitter usage will probably tank