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Majrelende OP wrote


We must not allow anarchism to be alienated from the working class. If we threaten capitalism without enough support, we will be smeared, and these smear campaigns will be believed widely. Even then, many people would be horrified if they saw what seemed like meaningless “violence”, so it is essential to give our efforts a respectable light. Without this, our action will only be criminalised and hated. Of course, it will be criminalised anyways, but it would be viewed as just, and this would cause anarchists to be viewed as opponents rather than upholders of a peaceful society. In conclusion, we must think before acting, not covering our eyes opaque terror. This only brings a healthy earth farther and farther into the future, to say the least.

From about four years ago.

I actually wouldn't change much, aside from nonsensical parts (What in the world is "not covering our eyes opaque terror"?) and I would change "working class" to "people", because, you know. Probably, I would have added some more nuance to it as well, relating to what I have learned in relation to Taoism.


Bird wrote

Mine was pretty mundane. Link

When someone tries to correct me on the pronunciation of something I'm saying. It always makes me irrationally mad at that person for the rest of the day.

It was missing something important at the end of it I think



roanoke9 wrote

Idk about my first two but my third comment is a keeper. Reply to How can you call Chomsky an Anarchist if there's literally a hierarchy named after him? Hmmmmmm by ChaosAnarchy

I don't call Chomsky an anarchist.


Fool wrote

My first comment was on a different account, and was in relation to ableist language, I think my response would be more nuanced now.

My first post is useless thoughts on the usefulness of useless thoughts. Clicky clicky thingy

The end comment show a different Fool, before I embraced Nihilism and Zen.


SnowCode wrote

uhh, my first comment was a comment about Dune. So I don't think I would change anything really, it's just a movie review lol : Link

I did not like this either. But the world, the music and the ambiance is insane so I loved it. But yes, another regrettable thing about it is how gendered the whole film is. Women are always mothers and men are always warriors : /

But even with that, watching the movie on big screen is incredible, especially with Hans Zimmer's soundtrack.

My first post was [CW Suicide and mental health] Lack of anarchist psychological help

When I sent that I wasn't feeling really well myself. But I think I made a lot of progress about this topic. The topic of emotions, support, relationships and communications are now the core base of my philosophy and beliefs.

What I would change would probably add an emphasis on supporting friends without destroying yourself in the process (actually you can't support your friends in a destructive way, you will just hurt them as well and not support them at all).


ziq wrote

I'm pretty sure a long time user deleted their account because of my ragging on Dune. They attacked me for not getting Dune right before they deleted.


stagn wrote (edited )

link angry clouds...


monday wrote

My first post was a tune that I love lol, and my first comment was about pixação and suggesting a documentary about it, I always lurked raddle in the early days in search for references and new stuff to look into, like a link aggregator should be.

My first raddlery comment was about toppling statues burning flags and erasing borders. And I stand for every bit, maybe I will never be the teenage dream but I am choosing my battles more wisely I hope