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Scary dairy day!

I hope y'all don't think I'm a chatgpt. I started reading Stirner, then put the book down. I remember a bit but not really.

Anyway I'm scared of death. And life. And abiotic matter. I'm scared of a lot.



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zephyr wrote

the depth of ignorance, intolerance and violence in this world.


Bird wrote

A very unseasonable cold spell is coming this week, almost 30 degrees colder than this time last year and this follows a harsh drought ridden summer, my greenhouse isn't ready for it so I'm having to make some emergency preparations so I don't loose my more sensitive plants.

Frankly this just generally builds on my already quite large feeling of dread on climate change and it's effects on everything, I mean this year has been record breaking in it's unusual temperature swings where I currently am already, and the climate has only just started to really become effected by people and it's only going to get worse until the mechanisms that caused it (I.E. consumerist society and overconsumption) collapse, and of course that realistically I cannot do anything to change it. No matter how I live or what I do hundreds upon thousands of species will go extinct, lost forever. The planets biosphere will be seriously damaged for potentially millions of years. Icecaps will melt, forests will burn, grasslands desertify, large swaths of the ocean could be rendered lifeless graveyards, all for a few dozen years of a subsection of humans getting to live the "good life". That is what scares me.



roanoke9 wrote

Ty for the reminder, I need to add extra winterization to a few trees tommorrow.


Majrelende wrote

What frightens me especially is another month of relative darkness. And also, the thought that civilisation might be here to stay. Also, early and late frosts. And logging machinery. They can just leisurely destroy a diverse, two-hundred-year-old forest in the span of a few days.


Fool wrote

Speaking to people about myself. I didn't realise until recently how anxious I am about talking to people.