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aabbaabb wrote

Could you be thinking of my previous post?

I had a blue themed dream last time

I was in an empty building with a lot of rooms and short and narrow halls that connect them

The walls were light blue, the floor was covered in a dark blue carpet, and doors were some shade in between, some doors were locked and the whole building was lit by a dim natural light as if it was dusk or dawn

I was floating there like a ghost so I explored the building

Some rooms had just a desk, some had a TV, and others had something that looked like a photocopier but was full of gears

After a while I wanted to get out of the building. I look at one of the open windows and I can see the outside. After I pass through the window I find I'm still in another hall, I pass through another window the same thing happens. Tried that a few more times but I couldn't get out.


Fool wrote

Actually, it seemed like this previous post was neither you nor OP.

I wish I could remember such detailed dreams... I should take my own advice.