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PointNemo wrote

I think maybe lack of sleep might be contributing to your hallucinations, so maybe you could try to improve your sleep hygiene:

  • Get some exercise in the daytime so you don't have extra energy at night. Running or other medium/high intensity cardiovascular exercise for an hour or so would be best.
  • Don't eat anything too close to when you want to sleep.
  • Don't do anything stressful or high energy too close to when you want to sleep.
  • Eliminate any source of light from your sleeping area. This can be a computer/phone screen, a window with some light from the street/neighbor, or even small LED lights on various electronics like power strips or alarm clocks. For the last item I find dark tape like electric tape or several layers of masking tape helps.

Hopefully after you've got some solid long hours of sleep, you'll feel better. Sleep is one of your brains best tools to heal itself.