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mima wrote (edited )

No, because it contradicts anarchist principles of free association. Federation should be opt-in, not opt-out.

Contrary to what many people believe, we already do federation. We link to various articles by anarchist collectives, and they link back to us too. That's opt-in federation. Fediverse is the opposite: you share to everyone and everyone shares to you, even ones that may be fascist or redfash. You can of course block them or make it a whitelist, but that's a hassle (and the latter will earn you contempt from the fediverse community, they will be like "noooo why are you defederating yourself you shouldn't do that")


just1602 wrote

I don't really care if raddle implement ActivityPub or not, but if I was to implement it, I'd not implement the full spec. I don't think you want people to be able to follow a single user, but just follow as a whole and get all the links in their mastodon feed, for example. At most, I'd implement that you could follow specific forums, tho, but I'd certainly not let people content appear on the feed, tho.

ActivityPub can really be seen as an RSS feed on steroid if you only implement the publishing part of the spec, since it'll simply syndicate your content to the Fediverse, and if I understand your point, this is opt-in and not opt-out, since people can follow you if they want or not.