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cyberrose wrote

Don't know what your calculation means and think you mean 1200 milligrams. Then it also Depends on your body mass/weight. I'v no experience with DXM but your dosage seems pretty high to me, and your story is also quite wild. Also I'm not sure what this urine infection is about; it sounds to me you just took a lot of DXM...

If it comes out: Sorry but you have to take whats coming; Please don't start making up stories, stay straight and don't make it worse. It's okay to do strange stuff (taking quite a lot DXM) but don't mess up relationships with friends or family because of that.

And next time: Please start slow; taking a high dose at the beginning is really a bad Idea. And another advice: Just because something is legal doesn't make it better than illegal stuff. I saw more people getting problems from DXM, legal highs and stuff than from LSD. Be careful and think twice when you want to mess with your mind.