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I see many vegan and environmental activists that get vasectomy young as praxis. I think it's ok if you get it for free in the public health system (in places you got free public health system sorry USA) it's comfortable enough to do it without taking a second guess and pills are bad for women health so, but I am not sure



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lettuceLeafer wrote

I guess my counter point would be effective condom use works just fine but if I wanna be safe do it. Though I think having unprotected sex is like the opposite of praxis. The spread of STDs doesn't hurt people equally. HIV is way more common in the 3rd world due to lack of resources and medical care.

But also benign STDs in the first world kill on the 3rd world. Syphilis is no issues with anti biotics but without them it's pretty Gastly. It's basically a std that is benign for westerners and just murdered the underprivileged. And that spreads via oral and penetrative. So I would argue that protected sex of all kinds should be the norm for anarchists.

Using condoms correctly is ridiculously successful butt people aren't perfect so the fail rate is much higher than perfect. So a vasectomy and condoms keep you double protected. Though I think vasectomies are literally worse as people like to just stop using condoms once they get it.


moonlune wrote

Yes very good the less people the better especially seeing the dystopia we're gonna get.

I have a friend that uses Andro switch, which is a ring that goes around the balls & dick to bring them closer to the body in order to burn the sperm. He wears it 15h a day every day.


BeanFormat wrote (edited )

If you're in the US and have insurance it usually covers vasectomy. Mine was free, quick, and not painful. Is it praxis? I don't care. If you can get one, why not? If it turns out not reversible and you decide to be a parent, adopt


roanoke9 wrote (edited )

Having unprotected sex is one of those "fake freedoms" with which americans are so enamored. So on vasectomies, it's case by case how much it matters. If you want to get one and have the means, fine. I don't need a surgery to avoid causing pregnancies nor spreading disease which are both things I have a self imposed responsibility to do. Never was in position to have it be an option anyway so it's a hypothetical argument that assumes priveleges I simply do not have (regular medical care and or income to allow any surgery, let alone elective surgey). Idk how many stories I' ve heard (irl) of people who just take no precautions at all, even knowing they have std or more commonly, just never get tested or take precautions so they probably have something even if symptoms haven't shown up yet. The culture of what I do cannot be questioned because anyone who calls out my behavior is infringing on muh freedoms is strong over here. I thought bug chasing or deliberately contracting stds was an exclusively online roleplay fantasy but it actually isn't- sime people practice this. And the inverse, recklessly spreading stds is not at all uncommon. Unless one lucks into or deliberately creates a micro-culture of safer sex practices, the default in the US is a contradictory mix of anti-sex, commodified sex, SA appologia and willful ignorance that is difficult to even put into words.