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OdiousOutlaw wrote

Wake up

Walk dog

Practice Spanish


Brush teeth

(Depending on the day) Workout & post-workout shower

Idle time 'till work (unless I'm off, then that stretches to the rest of my day)


asterism OP wrote

This better not be another movie reference. I am scarred for life.


OdiousOutlaw wrote

I'm not really into movies, so I don't even know what I might referencing.

This is literally just my morning routine.


asterism OP wrote (edited )

my apologies I should have marked that comment with an /s

you arent referencing anything as far as I am aware.

I am just making fun of myself

edit: I wad impressed/bewildered by moonlunes routine. so i asked questions about it and felt silly when it turns out the whole thing is one long quote