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veuzi wrote

No, I'm done with making an economic prescription part of my identity. Economic nihilism all the way


tuesday wrote (edited )

oh. 🤯

yes, let's do this.


subrosa wrote

Both the positive and the negative position on socialism yield delicious fruit. In most contexts I'm happy to respond to "socialist", continue with an unapologetic anarchy-oriented socialism in open conflict with every other socialism. Though I'm usually not the one to bring up socialism, and generally find anarchism described as a form of socialism somewhat misleading.


moonlune wrote

It depends who I'm talking to. I identify as devil's advocate so I happen to be socialist quite often.


CaptainACAB wrote

I'm of the belief that there's no economic system that is compatible with anarchism.

I have respect for certain historical figures that identified as Socialist, but that's as far as it goes.


Fool wrote

I am Fool.


monday wrote

I always wanted to ask if ever read the Incal


Fool wrote

I have not, looking it up it sounds good, so I might see how it goes.


Bezotcovschina wrote (edited )

I do like some socialists. Their hearts are in a right place and they do some real good things. They just afraid to dream big and are corrupted by leftist morality.


Majrelende wrote

I am not definitely for or against socialism, but I am relatively sure I would like communistic relations with others around me. I have nothing against bartering especially, though wouldn't want to spend my whole life doing it.


TimothyMcFuck wrote

No. I don't want to share the shit I've EARNED with others.


monday wrote

Discipline, discipline;
obedience, obedience;
slavery and ignorance, pregnant with authority.
A bourgeois body grotesquely fattened by a vulgar christian creature.
A medley of fetishism, sectarianism and cowardice.