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NoPoint wrote

I don't think it is even close. It is certainly one of the more tight knit forums on the internet, but an affinity group implies a very tight, private bond between a few people. There are dozens of us on Raddle! And we talk out in the open!


lettuceLeafer wrote

Plus at this point the chance of a FBI official not at least browsing Raddle is incredibly low. A popular onion sink link agregarte threw Raddle in with basically a list mostly for selling drugs and doing hacking. And monitoring said websites are FBI procedure. So now they are on list that the FBI almost certainly checks in on.

This can't possible be an affinity group because the FBI literally is a part of it lol.


asterism wrote

Too bad it isn't the CIA. Maybe they would give us funding.


lettuceLeafer wrote

It actually could be conceivable that the US could get funding. Just be anarchists in a war torn area with a sizable insurgency. They basically just find you so you kill their enemy and the US looses no resrouces and doesn't have to deal with diplomatic backlash of war.

So like getting funding isn't inconsivable for anarchists .