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asterism wrote

Parents are a construct and I'll be damned if I am going to let that control what I do. Like some dude creampied some chick and now I am supposed to give them respect for that? Like millions of people are getting creampied everyday idgaf.

But of course my family is toxic as fuck so I am always going to encourage people to give their families the middle finger. Without my wife's intervention I would have zero contact with mine.

The sound advice boils down to what /u/cicada said. Treat your family like you would treat anyone else. If the relationship is actually worth keeping than keep it otherwise ditch it and don't look back.

But of course it isn't always that easy because sometimes a family is the only support system you have (even if its shitty). To that I say build another support system and then cut them out (but that's easier said than done)