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ghost wrote

Family is the people who love you, and they may not have any blood relation to you, and you may never have met them face to face (offline).

As for maintaining bio family bonds or birth family bonds… I don’t much care. I have no contact with my extended family. Some are terrible people and some have never made an effort to know me as I was growing up so we just don’t know each other. My immediate family is… meh. They don’t know me and they’re emotionally immature, borderline narcissistic, so I’m safer and healthier if I keep a good distance between us. I have a lot of guilt about it but I’m trying to overcome that. I wouldn’t want my loved ones feeling obligated to maintain ties with people as toxic as my family, so I’m trying to treat myself as a loved one.

I’m envious of people whose families love them unconditionally, supporting them in whoever they are and whatever they do. I don’t have that and I can’t fault anyone who decides blood ain’t thicker than water.