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Archaplain wrote

semiconductors, because i am having a shitty day and i want to see some fucking chaos.


asterism OP wrote

Lol, that would be like an instant apocalypse scenario.

Well I hope tomorrow goes better.


Archaplain wrote (edited )

minor inconvenience happens

me: burn it all down already


fingerkuppe wrote

13,000,000,000,000,000 million MOSFET from 1960 to 2018...


Fool wrote

This question makes me go on long metaphysical journeies about the limits of objects and the meaning of disappear.

As such, if disappear means "make not exist", I will say Hyper Objects, because it would seriously do weird stuff with consequences I cannot predict.

E.g. if Global Warming no longer exists - does that cause weather systems to implode?


fingerkuppe wrote

Global Warming no longer exists

It would mean that the Earth's energy budget always be negative or stagnant.

Outgoing energy flux >= Incoming energy flux

So something between ice house and mars.


kinshavo wrote

Right now probably smartphones, but I guess this a good starting point for an afternoon of lazy thinking


Majrelende wrote

Internal combustion engine, without a doubt.