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Anarchism often critiques technology and frequently has advocates which just avoid using technology unless they can avoid it. While I agree with the critique I still think there is great value in using technology. So I struggle personally trying to figure out when to use technology beneficially and when I'm using it more as an addictive harmful coping mechanism. So asking when raddle thinks what would be a healthy medium from just giving up tech as much as you can and traditional massive over consumption of tech to the detriment of yourself.



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bloodrose wrote

God, I need the answer to this as well. I find I am spending way too much time plugged into the machine. The last time I unplugged well was camping in an area that had no cell service. :(


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Here is what has been working for me. One thing I realize is most of civilizations products feel like they make life better but if you go without then you adjust and don't miss it. So for me I just replace the more addictive/more passive forms of tech and that works good. So videos, music, corporate social media. Though the challenge is videos and corporate social media do have useful info and drag me back in.

While I hate the rhetoric arround it I do think there is some merit to dopamine detox. Doing activities like reading, meditation, eating without distractions, active meditation or just walks reduce temptations a lot. Kinda like cocaine where you watch one vid or one post then the feel good chemicals go down and you want it again. But once you come down you don't have the chemical desire nearly as much. Not a beliver in dopamine detox but donig less stimulating activities on computer is way easier to moderate. So mostly just reading and writting.


LittleHelp wrote

Capitalism is a people crushing machine that manufactures loneliness. A lot of the technology that we have serves to alleviate that loneliness and lack of connection that capitalism causes.

Social media, (public) transportation (planes & cars & trains & ships), phones, video games, internet, television & youtube & screens & speakers, algorithms & AI companions, etc, even clocks and time and schedules are all necessary because we don't have the luxury of having dozens of trusted loved ones immediately around us with whom we can spend our time.

In my mind, the answer anarchy gives to technology is "people", so the answer on how to cut back on technology use would be to find a community. That's ofc easier said than done, (because we live in a people crushing machine that manufactures loneliness), but I wanted to at least mention it in addition to the other things that are said in other comments.


ghost wrote

I recently read the book “how to break up with your phone” and while a lot of it was crap (like most self help books) there were some good tips and takeaways. I deleted a ton of apps I don’t need or use often. I cleaned up all my bookmarks and made my devices more “efficient” so I’m not mindlessly scrolling. And I’m asking myself what I’m looking to do when I open/turn on a device and try to keep myself on task.

I also started cultivating non-screen activities, like artsy things (crochet, for me), so when I catch myself mindlessly scrolling, I’ve got something more interesting to do instead.

That said, I’ve been laid up for a week with covid, and it’s hard to do anything but scroll and sleep. So I cut myself some slack and don’t get upset if I spend excess time being unproductive online if it’s helping me with a physical or emotional struggle.


xox wrote

What do you mean by making your devices more efficient?


ghost wrote

Organizing apps into folders (so I’m not mindlessly flipping around looking for shit but also burying the time wasters and making the important-to-me stuff like calendar and de-stress apps front and center), organizing bookmarks so the important stuff is up front and time wasters are buried deeper in the list. I organized my desktop so I don’t have 30 files that should be filed elsewhere, and organized my documents folder so all the files are in folders.

Personally, I get sucked into my devices because I’m easily distracted by stuff that isn’t helping me (the time-sucks are too easy to get to), or I open a device to do a specific task and forget why I opened it or get distracted by the time-sucks, so I made it harder to get to them, while making it easier to get to the things that I find necessary or helpful.