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Fool wrote

Humane liberalism accomplishes what political and social liberalism began: the eradication of individuality. First, individual authority was displaced onto the state as law; then, individual property was given to society through labor; now, individual self-determination is given to humanity through reason. The end result is a generic working, thinking, human citizen; that is what I must be in order to count in society, to be a part of the whole. Without these basic conditions met, I do not even exist. Together, they let me appear and grant me freedom.

This freedom, however, is not mine, since it is based on renouncing myself. For Stirner, anything which fixes me in a single identity, property, or essence can never make me free. Political liberalism, rooted in political liberty, made the state free. Social liberalism, grounded in the desire for social equality, made society free. Humane liberalism, seeking a world of human equality, made humanity free. State, society, humanity—a change of masters. What we give up in all cases is our ownness, the power to uniquely determine our own non-identity. Egoists!—the liberals shout. But that too is their spook!

I have an identity, I am fool.


bloodrose wrote

I...I....I....voted!!! runs away crying Are you happy now?!?!?! sobs


asterism OP wrote

Yes, my happiness is fueled by liberal tears.


Majrelende wrote

There is no proof, because I am not. Thus my answer is spoken. Maybe you could say that I was a liberal (when I was too young to know what it was, that is) or that there are some liberals who I think have said true things (which I have misappropriated) or you could pay an oracle much money to tell you that I will be a liberal. But...