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throwaway wrote

After surviving mainly off of drain cleaner and laundry detergent for several years, my blood pH is dangerously above 7.45.


veuzi wrote (edited )

I'm not based I'm acidic.

My skin melts on its own and everytime I speak I sound like a TB-303.


subrosa wrote

I Have Based My Affair on Nothing

I'm the most debased coin.


zoom_zip wrote

i’m not based

i’m a debaser


idkalice wrote

one friday at the end of last school year i decided to jump the fence and go home fuck it. nobody even cared

also when i was 15 i got banned from a discord server cause i was annoying as hell and went on a weird irony rant abt vr fart porn


idkalice wrote

also one time i pissed in a bush cause i didnt wanna pay for the toilet


Fool wrote

  1. I am pale
  2. I am a religious figure (by popular vote)

(This is cryptic and I'll be surprised if someone gets what I am meaning, but it is proof for which fool is based)


asterism OP wrote

I mean I know what I am thinking but its probably wrong.

Eastern Orthodox has a concept of a "Holy fool" and they have a few saints that are considered Holy fools like St. Simeon


Fool wrote

Live upon a pillar, and children will bring you dinner.

I wonder if people tended to climb up to them, or they just yelled out at people.

Alas, it is not the base of fool.