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moonlune wrote

Little Indian, Big City: it's a comdey about a parisian banker who brings his amazonian indigenous estranged son to live with him in paris. My parents didn't have a TV and it was the only children's movie that my grandparents had so I've seen it a lot. Oh my cousin sometimes forgot the lion king VHS so I got to see that too a few times but I never really liked it.

later they got VHS of the mysterious gold city and pokemon but they're not a movie so it doesn't count.


ziq wrote (edited )




The Karate Kid

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Back to the Future

Terminator 2

Home Alone

Super Mario Bros



Toy Story

The Goonies



Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Short Circuit

The Secret Garden

An American Tail

Mighty Ducks

The Sandlot

The Wizard

Christmas Vacation

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Free Willy


Jingle All the Way

Addams Family Values


Wayne's World

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

Pee-wee's Big Adventure

Flight of the Navigator

Danny, the Champion of the World


Planes, Trains and Automobiles


asterism OP wrote

The Home Alone kid was like my hero as a kid.

Also Bill and Ted is so much fun. Did anyone watch the newest one is it worth watching?

I also semi-regularly say, "Your killing me smalls!" and i used to say, "party on, Garth" as a way of saying goodbye.


zoom_zip wrote

add home alone, bill and ted, addams family 1+2, and raiders to my list. i forgot about them.


asterism OP wrote

The OG TMNT movies and Mouse Hunt


kinshavo wrote (edited )

This could be my answer, I love the original TMNT trilogy and Mouse Hunt was also a movie that left a mark.

I probably don't have a favorite tho, I just remembered a movie called "Surf Ninjas" and was the kind of trash I would watch and repeat a zillion times.

Edit: it's time to start looking for a copy of Hocus Pocus to watch in Halloween 🎃.

Now I am in the rabbit hole of searching 90s movies, Bugs Life, Nightmare before Christmas, the mighty Ducks, ferngully, an American tail, Alladin


asterism OP wrote

I vividly remembering jamming out/pretending to kung fu to the credits of TMNT


bloodrose wrote

I watched Rad so many times as a kid.


subrosa wrote

Has me talking about German gain. "Rad" is short for "Fahrrad", bicycle. Kinda funny how boring of a title that would be. Nothing really rad about that.


Potkea wrote (edited )

Fantastic Mr. Fox!


Fool wrote

Old person shaking cane

Back in my day, we had to read if we wanted Fantastic Mr. Fox!

Good eccentric movie, I can't imagine how that movie is as a kid.


zoom_zip wrote

i just watched it with my kid and i found it kind of disturbing. there is a subset of animals (foxes, badgers, rabbits) who are all anthropomorphic, can talk, live in houses, etc. but they are fine with chickens being kept in cages, they snap their necks, and roast them up for food. i asked my kid what they thought the implication of that was—that the animals could all talk and lived in houses but they keep killing all the chickens for food and she said it’s fine because the chickens can’t talk. and it’s true they don’t show any chickens talking in the film. they show foxes talking, badgers, rabbits. they show them all sitting down at a table together to eat chickens. they show rats talking, otters, beavers, ferrets, weasels, and moles. but even in this made up world of sentient talking animals who live in houses, the chicken is simply a resource to be caged and consumed.


asterism OP wrote

Ah that is one of my top ten movies. Absolutely love that movie.


zoom_zip wrote

as a really young kid it was the land before time and really any don bluth film. all dogs go to heaven, secret of nimh, american tail, etc.

as i got slightly older it was probably something like space jam or jurassic park.

when i was about 12, my dad dumped his old vhs collection on me which was full of “18” rated films and my tastes widened out a lot after that. i watched all of them and i can’t remember what really stood out as my favourite. from that box of tapes i found films that i think are great now, but when i was twelve it was probably just something edgy like mad max.


idkalice wrote

not the only movie i liked but i rly liked that lego chuck powers movie as a kid for some reason. my dad had a pirated version and would play it for me lol