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lettuceLeafer wrote

I wearasks not because I follow the COVID protocols but I think wearing a mask in public being normal is good and I'll be damned if I'll do cops any favors by not wearing it.

I don't wear it outside bc that looks odd but I wear it at the grocery store and in public buildings.


Archaplain wrote

yes when i am riding the bike because i live in one of the most polluted places in the world.


bloodrose wrote

I wear surgical masks still (not-N95, just the regular kind). I wear them whenever I am indoors with strangers (the gym, shopping, restaurants, my office). My anemia is making my immune system suck. I don't want to catch covid or a cold. If I don't mask, I catch everything.

I really wanted mask culture to catch on in the US. I should've known better than to hope. But I did hope.


tuesday wrote

yes. inside buildings. kn95s


unemployed_princess wrote

I do, but the majority of people where I live don't, so I question the efficacy of masking up to prevent infection. I do it because I think it looks cool and to fuck with cameras and to offend anti-maskers.


ghost wrote

You wearing a mask is still protecting yourself a lot. CDC had a cool graphic about how masking up protects you even if no one else is… before they went full fash eugenics, anyway.


ghost wrote

I do. KN95 or N95 anywhere indoors. I usually wear them outdoors too if I’m near people but sometimes I’ll slum it with a cloth mask because they’re so much comfier.

I’m disabled and very high risk, so “indoors” only means when there’s something I have to do (buying groceries or meds from somewhere that won’t do curbside, doctor appts that can’t be virtual, paying rent, etc). Outdoors is when there are people nearby like if I’m sitting outside (I live in an rv park so neighbors are close) or for curbside pickup. If I’m out in nature and no one is around that I can see for at least 50’, I don’t typically wear one (this is uncommon but I try to get out into nature as much as I can).

At this point, I still consider myself to be fully isolating just as I was in 2020, and don’t intend to change anytime soon because the CDC has gone full fash eugenicists, and so has pretty much every nondisabled person I know (and some less-disabled people too).

I’ll never be able to afford a cabin in the woods so I’m just hoping to die or off myself before the State commits me to a nursing home for being too poor and disabled to exist in public.

Im grateful for everyone still masking and giving a fuck about the survival of disabled people.


bloodrose wrote

because the CDC has gone full fash eugenicists, and so has pretty much every nondisabled person I know (and some less-disabled people too).

No truer words. One thing I realized from Covid is how much we've let flu run rampant and kill disabled and elderly people because we just didn't care about them. And I realized this when masking policies over that first flu season meant almost no deaths from flu. I was like, wait, we're absolutely ableist a-holes about flu. We could've been masking every flu season but we just didn't give a shit. And so now we've decided covid is just the new flu and we're acting just as eugenic/ableist as ever.

And it's just so stupid. Long covid is so bad. We're just creating more disability so a few jerks can have profits.

I'm sorry you don't have hope right now. I hope something changes for you so you do have hope in the future.


ghost wrote

You’re so fucking right, on all counts. Thanks so much for saying this. I appreciate it.


ziq wrote

I'm the last one who still does and I'm getting stares now.


fingerkuppe wrote

Yes (FFP2), except for very long parties.

I'm probably not too vulnerable, but I do want to meet people that are.


ChaosAnarchy wrote

I live rural.

Trains: Simple mask - In the winter I probably wear FFP2

Supermarket: No mask, it's big enough I trust the ventilation system.

Currently in a smaller office with open windows: I wear no mask, it's too warm. Exception: When I enter the building and it has been freshly opened, I wear it towards the toilet, open the windows and then enter my small "office" where I reside in (I'm technically a student.). The next time when I'm on the toilet, the windows are opened so it's pretty risk free to go there.

3x vaccination, 1st contact with virus probably Omicron B2 or B1 due to being a shut-in back then. Would like to take the B5 vaccination.


moonlune wrote


Wearing a mask is annoying and catches in my earrings. I'm not vulnerable and not around vulnerable people so there's no need.


xox OP wrote

How would you know if people are vulnerable?


moonlune wrote (edited )

I know for my friends and family.

idk idc about strangers on the bus or in the shop. nobody wears masks anymore here. If I were to go to the hospital for example I'd probably wear a mask tho.


xox OP wrote

“Idc about strangers on the bus or in the shop”…. Well i guess im glad you dont live in an anarchist society


moonlune wrote (edited )

yeah I also drive a car and also risk the lives of strangers whenever I take the wheel. sucks for them I guess lol.

there might be a discussion to have about the extent of our responsibility in other people's lives but you can't guilt me into wearing a mask like that lol.


ghost wrote

That attitude is exactly why I as a disabled person will likely be living in isolation for the rest of my life, and aim to kill myself before I become disabled enough for the State to commit me to a nursing home.

Not saying this to guilt you, I’m just explaining my literal reality. I cannot participate in society because of how society has responded to covid. I was already severely restricted pre-covid, but covid was the last nail in the coffin for me.


veuzi wrote

I kept it up for a little while after most people stopped wearing them but now I don't really bother anymore.


extremodeluxe wrote

Not currently, but I probably will start sporting a bandana again this winter, for two reasons:

  1. Keeps my neck and face nice and warm. Fogs the glasses, though.
  2. Maintains anonymity in public.