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DissidentRage wrote

FULL POSADIST tankarchist Non-sectarian libertarian socialist. I don't really have a fully-developed opinion yet on the best method to bring about communism, but I do think whatever happens can only end well when it's initiated from the bottom up - in the end, only the proletariat can free itself. At the core of my beliefs, I want to see the destruction of capital, I want to see that the needs of everyone are met, and I want to see that everyone is treated with respect - as long as their agenda does not make them an enemy to life, as with fascists.


squirrels wrote

I was going to write something, but I couldn't put it better.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Anarchist; with focuses on what could roughly be called decolonial, intersectional, and nonnormative approaches


zorblax wrote

anarchist, although I'd settle for a very out-of-the-way state I think.

I mostly just want there to be less bullshit in our lives so we can all become the wonderfully weird beings we were meant to be.


Dirtbagleftist wrote

I have to agree. As much as I would love to see a truly anarchistic society, nationalism in many countries, especially here in the states has an incredible influence on the lives of people living here. There aren't too many people who would willingly give up their national identity.


Bumpoffdrumpf wrote

What would an out-of-the-way state look like?


zorblax wrote

confederated, minimal LE, minimal bureaucracy, libertarian set of laws, that kind of thing


GrimWillow wrote

I usually shade myself green/black because I think ultimately our habitat is the biggest thing at stake (for humans and many non-humans) from the deathly circus of labor-for-the-poor and blessings-for-the-rich being built, but sometimes I identify just with simple black because it's not really different. I will of course reach out in intersectional solidarity with many forms of Anarchism that do not involve any sort of state to facillitate the organizing in any stage.

I think context should be important to anyone who considers themselves to be an Anarchist, and the fight for decolonization is an extremely important one. It's that same colonial force that is attempting to foster fascism to face us and try to make neo-liberal capitalism pallatable for enough liberals that they don't care about/notice all the violence/slavery it entails.

Also important to any Anarchist is to fight oppressions related to our existence, so that means patriarchy, white supremecy, capitalism, fascism, monarchies, and state socialism. We don't live in a vacuum so as soon as you realize the communities that are under attack, you're pretty much at the barricades with your comrades and it's right where you stand.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

I'm about the same. This lifestyle not only is warping and destroying humans, it's warping and destroying the environment, and no matter how much we try to pretend we are the most specialest creatures ever and can exist apart from the natural world, we can't.

So I do shade myself as green, but also anti-civ, though I'm not really sure I like the title "anti-civ." It depends on how you define civilization and like everything else, the definition has long been tied up in Racist BS. If we're talking about the Industrial One-Size-Fits-All civilization, then I am opposed to it. It's destroying the world and it goes against the natural instincts wired into each and everyone of us.

The "But Human Nature!" meme stubbornly refuses to die, operating under the belief that without a massive elaborate societal hierarchy, we'd soon be killing and pillaging each other, but it doesn't hold up.

As said before, what usually happens in the aftermath of disasters is that people band together and do what they can to help each other out. There are a couple of bad seeds who take advantage of the chaos to pillage, but the vast majority do not. Humans are naturally wired for altruism; we want to look after and take care of each other.

Civilization as we know it, with all the hierarchies and divisions between the standards of livings, didn't really come about until about ten thousand years ago. Thing is, the species, Homo sapiens, have been around for fifty thousand years. If humans were so inherently violent and awful that we couldn't function without a massive State, how did we manage to live and survive for some forty thousand years without one?

So I'm totally a fan of the tribal-band style of living. It's the oldest form of living among humans and there's a reason it endures; we are wired for it. If a collapse or whatever happens, what will result is likely many different tribes, with lots of different ways of life depending on the area where they live. Nature prizes diversity; the only way we've kept the One-Size-Fits-All standard going, is via massive infusions of nonrenewable resources.


GrimWillow wrote

Humans are naturally wired for altruism; we want to look after and take care of each other.

I agree with this because you can see it even in the nazi propaganda about "securing a future" and shit, and all these politicians talkin big game on helping people. It's why all these right wing groups focus on their victimhood for appeal. They know people will see it, and it will tug a little string in their biggoted heart, as they lay watch to their "bro's" suffering.

It has always been about mutal aid for surival, it's too bad horrible renditions of the apolypse in popular culture invoke an ayn-caps dream/nightmare instead of anything realistic. People are being so far removed to how culture is without industrialism and global neo-liberal capitalist tyranny that they're losing themselves in the world of media propagated by other slaves to the corporations, who are also removed from personal relationships with the earth and the community it requires.


sudo wrote



wieke wrote

Anarchist, anarcho-transhumanist when I feel like being fancy, with environmentalist tendencies. I haven't actually gotten around to reading some anarcho-transhumanists texts, it's just that I already was a transhumanist before becoming an anarchist and I do feel like the ideologies are connected for me.


anyan25 wrote



succtales_backup wrote

Something my friend dubbbed “hyperanarchy”. It is a fully automated web of production overseen by an Athenian style direct democracy of a mentally enhanced populous with equal distribution of base recourses. Though with heavy personalization through cuts of resources, obtained through the web of mechanisms and limited bartering.


Somewhat_marxist_leninist wrote

Marxist-Leninist but I don't believe in violent revolution against the bourgeoisie in this time and age. I believe in fighting sexism, racism, white supremacy and over everything else: fascism.


elyersio wrote

I just wish for humanity to touch the stars, and be somewhere else when the Sun implodes. Preferrably with transparent, libre technology.