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Okay okay I know this is like an extremely liberal take, but like would this not be a better avenue than having a job? Now ovi its not for me bc I hate paperwork and following rules that I would never pull it off. Not saying everyone hates rules but like just are able to tolerate them better. But like at a surface level view it seems a lot better than one would first think.

There are some federal grants that whose objective have been "help enable worker coops or labor union in columbia or peru with a focus on gender equality." With funding up to 12 million dollars. Which would prob be difficult but would be an interesting avenue to go down. Or alternatively I've seen private capitalist firms do funding for things like a vegan cheese startup, local urban food production ect.

Now now I know these forces will obviously corrupt the cause a lot. But like if your alternative life is working at mcdonalds and then getting home to tired to do anything wouldn't liberal coopted reformism as a job be better? You start to build skills relevant and alllows much for personal freedom. I don't know enough to know if its a good idea though I"m mostly asking if anyone has gone down this road.



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moonlune wrote (edited )

I'm trying to see if my mucking around can be qualified as being an artist or a startup so that I can get unemployment benefits without having to check in at the job center every month. It's about 600€ which is half of what's qualified as the poverty level in my country but I'm pretty plain irl so I don't spend much and also getting to muck around instead of work the whole week is pretty attractive ngl.

This type of conversations could have been perfect on /r/antiwork before it went lib.


tuesday wrote

i know some folks who do community work that live off grants. it can be done.


fingerkuppe wrote

It's called non-profit sector.

In Germany, you look for a site, apply for BFD, FSJ/FÖJ/FKJ and the like and you get like 236€ (ca. $235USD, 09-2022) for 'Verpflegung', catering or rations, and 223€ (ca. $222USD, 09-2022) for accomodation; both are either paid or provided, which is decided by the site. It's a bit scammy.