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stagn2 wrote

Gather enough chestnut to be self-sufficing


lettuceLeafer wrote

I'm playing this super sick VR video game. When I was younger I loved to play games like chess or civ and then beat my opponent using my super smart brain. Well I found this super cool games its like really complex and nuanced with high stakes. Its like a really modded out chest games MMO RPG thing. So in it I"m trying to defeat neoliberalism and civilized society. Which is like the hardest achievement to get in the game. I'm loosing pretty bad but hey my super smart brain and my determination to become a anime villain in the game to reinforce my egotism. A literally minboss that is a player character. Sadly my current character is only like a level 2 normie with edgelord esthetics.

yes I"m not talking about real life because you gotta remember the central rule I am a online larper who spends all day in a basement jerking off, getting high and LARPing on raddle so I can yell at strangers. I never leave the house except for my occasional 711 trips to mix up my jerking off sessions. Who would honestly make their life goal to destroy civilized society lol. /j

In this sick video game such a large goal can present all kinds of cool side quests too.


Majrelende wrote (edited )

To make anarchy.


A_Fool wrote

Collect 6 Animal Butts


kinshavo wrote

Walking on the edge of a blade called Jouissance